Unisex Alpaca Felt Insoles for Happier Feet

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You will love the extra layer of cushion and cozy insulation our alpaca insoles provide. These felt pad inserts for men, women and kids are thick enough to provide maximum warmth and not too thick to make shoes tight fitting or cutting them a challenge. Alpaca Insoles are moisture-wicking thermal insulators designed to keep feet cozy for improved comfort and enjoyment of the things you love (or have) to do.

Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast (skiing, hiking, horseback riding), outdoorsman (hunting, fishing) or an adventure seeker (motorcyclist or snowmobile) you’ll be amazed by the natural thermal qualities that these pads offer. Looking to improve your rain boots, clogs, Crocks, Birkenstocks? Maybe you need to warm up your slippers or just improve everyday working conditions? Our insoles are fantastic for creating a barrier between the cold / hot ground and your feet, indoors or out.

Our 5 Layer construction with a jute (VEGAN) mesh core maximizes life and durability of these insoles by maintaining shape -insuring they go the extra mile for you. Our extra needle felting process holds each layer tightly in place and the entire process is currently patent pending. 

Who wants uncomfortable & stinky smelling feet every time you wear your boots or shoes? With alpaca fiber pad inserts you'll end odor, damp and bacteria and have sweet feet. Moisture wicking and breathable, never itchy or scratchy; alpaca has the lowest moisture retention of any natural fibers, wicking the chilling damp away from feet while your bodies’ temperature causes it to vaporize. Sheep’s wool absorbs up to 60% of its weight in water. By reducing moisture, odor and bacteria are minimized & warmth maximized; you and those around you will be thrilled. 

Existing wearers report their toes are comfortably warm, but never “hot” and a decrease in foot fungus, odor and dry cracking feet. Raynauds and neuropathy sufferers find these aid them in keeping warm too.

Cut to fit - fully customizable for your specific needs. Simply take out the insole in you boot or shoe, place over insole and trace around it, cut out with scissors. Can be worn over orthotics. Please note - once they are cut they cannot be returned.  

  • 100% Alpaca, Jute core (Vegan) for longest life.
  • 5/16 thick, 5 layer, double needle construction
  • Made in USA from US Sustainably grown and harvested alpaca
  • Natural Colors - due to supply the color received may vary from the images shown. Colors vary depending on our production batch from brown to grey to off white.
  • Year round insulation - keeps feet cool in hot conditions & warm in cold conditions.
  • Excellent for Raynauds and Neuropathy sufferers - can be worn over orthotics.
  • Choose from Small, Medium, Large or XLarge - (see image) All inserts are able to be cut to size desired.
  • No glue, acrylic, sheep’s wool, rubber or dye is used in this hypoallergenic product.
  • Hand wash in cool water - dry flat.

For more information on alpaca read our article "What Makes Alpaca So Special"