Learn About Alpaca


History of Alpaca

In this series, we highlight the growth of the alpaca fashion industry throughout Europe & America. In three easy-to-read chapters, you can learn the history of alpaca throughout two centuries. We hope you enjoy!

Why Alpaca Wool

Here we highlight the qualities of alpaca wool that will make this fiber a staple in your closet & home.

Garment Care & Storage

Use this as a go-to resource on how to clean & store your alpaca garments.

Pure Alpaca Guarantee

In this section, we've explained what the International Alpaca Association branding program signifies, ensuring to you that we are providing the finest quality alpaca, guaranteed. 

Alpaca Throws

Alpaca throws are all the rage these days! Here we've highlighted the benefits & uses of these luxurious blankets.

Buying Alpaca Socks

This is the ultimate guide to understanding why alpaca makes the best socks.