100% Alpaca Wool Dryer Balls - Felted - Set of 3

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All-natural, USA made, reusable hypoallergenic alpaca dryer balls are an eco-friendly and excellent alternative to the chemicals of fabric softeners or dryer sheets for softening clothes and eliminating wrinkles without odor.

Save electricity & decrease drying time - up to 25% by absorbing moisture from wet clothes and balancing the humidity inside the dryer. Safe for everyone! Made with all natural, fragrance-free soap and pure alpaca - 100% hypoallergenic even for wool allergy sufferers.

Do not settle for inferior dryer balls!

  • Smaller: Not as efficient as our larger size balls.
  • Plastic dryer balls or balls with a nylon core: contain un-needed chemicals - Ours are ONLY pure alpaca.
  • Not made in the USA: Ours are 100% handcrafted in Minnesota
  • Wool or multi-fiber blend: Itchy, scratchy, not as absorbent and often not hypoallergenic.
  • Contain additives - Ours have no added scents, colors, dyes or chemicals

As these are handmade, colors and sizes vary. Each ball is approx. 2.5"- 3" in diameter (3 oz) or roughly the size of a tennis ball. We use only 100% alpaca, providing you the ultimate benefit of softness, absorbency, and freedom from wrinkles.

How Alpaca Dryer Balls Work:
Simply place them in your dryer with wet clothes. That’s all it takes – they do the rest! Felted dryer balls bounce around with your laundry to shorten drying time and reduce wrinkles without exposing you or your clothes to any of the chemicals used in dryer sheets. Use at least three balls to help keep laundry items from tangling, increasing the airflow around your clothes, sheets or towels. Sold in sets of 3

Miss the scent of dryer sheets? Apply a few drops of essential oils to scent your dryer balls. When using essential oils, we recommend sending the dryer balls through alone, or place them in the included bag and tumble to insure even distribution of oil with no transfer to clothes. Sent will last 3-4 loads.