Our Story

Our Story

Sun Valley Alpaca Co is the next step in the natural progression of Alpaca Apparel - on a mission.

Sun Valley Alpaca Co is a US based brand, designed by Kim DeVos-Brooks.

Kim began designing quality alpaca products and accessories for Inca Fashions in 1999 and selling online at Interest in alpaca has grown since their beginnings a decade ago. In 2011 it became clear that the brand needed a singular vision, focused on creating a line committed to clothing of real quality, purpose and originality. In 2012 Sun Valley Alpaca Co. was created.

Why Sun Valley?

Sun Valley embodies the feel and the flavor best exemplified by alpaca. From authentic and natural, rugged and outdoorsy, to refined and comfortably elegant, Sun Valley Alpaca Co takes a modern approach to timeless knits. Each collection heralds a return to style with an undeniable contemporary twist. The goal at Sun Valley Alpaca is to create a classically timeless aesthetic, complete enough to go from work to play, or play to work, anywhere in the world.

Kim fell in love with Sun Valley - it got under her skin. It’s where she met and married her husband Jack. Hiking, walking through the wide open expanses, strolling the streets, going to the lodge, watching the mountains turn purple as the sun slowly fades… are all things that speak to her heart. Being able to soak in that atmosphere, she has been repeatedly inspired and hopes that you will be inspired too.

Like brining home a bunch of wild flowers or hand picked wild berries, Kim brings the designs she dreams up home with her and a design is born. Working with her team, made up of good, honest people in Peru and the United States; using clean, sweatshop-free environments, they hand make her pure alpaca inspirations. They know each other’s names; they are old friends.

SUN VALLEY ALPACA CO offers a product line that is current while never losing sight of comfort, confidence, and an individual sense of style. The folks at Sun Valley Alpaca Co., wear what they love, and they sell it too.

Join them in loving your clothes again.