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Women's Alpaca Scarves

It’s time to prepare for colder weather, and our selection of fine-quality alpaca scarves can help keep you snug and warm, no matter how low the temperature drops. Warmer and cozier then other types of scarves, we think you’ll instantly fall in love with your alpaca scarf once you experience its luxuriousness in person. Keep reading...

Softest Alpaca Scarves

And if there’s one thing we know about scarves, there’s no such thing as too many. That’s why we’ve included a wide variety of scarf styles to wear for fall, winter, and anytime you want to feel that wonderful coziness draped around your neck. Sun Valley Alpaca Co. scarves are for warmth and also help you create a personalized fashion statement.

Baby Alpaca Scarves

Why should you add a baby alpaca scarf to your accessories collection? Because it’s the softest, most luxurious type of alpaca fleece available. Also, if you’re wondering if these scarves are made from baby alpaca fur, they are not. The “baby” moniker is a reference to the type of fleece and is used to differentiate it from regular alpaca. So, go ahead and pamper yourself right now by selecting any of our fashionable super-soft baby alpaca scarves. Some popular styles we offer are solid color, plaid, and ombre.

Timeless On-Trend Scarf Styles

We offer women’s and unisex alpaca scarves in a range of classic styles, so it’s easy to find old favorites even if you’ve never owned an alpaca scarf before. Classic scarf designs include stripes in neutral colors that coordinate nicely with outerwear. Some stripes are vertical while others are horizontal, which is great if you love one or the other or even both. Plaid is another one of those favorite scarf patterns that never go out of style, and we carry plaid styles in various color choices. Chevron and herringbone are also available for chic signature designs.

Classic, Classy Tweed

We make our classic tweed scarves out of pure baby alpaca fleece, and this expertly woven style offers divine softness, texture, and color richness. They can be worn many different ways, and you can find ours in numerous colors.


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