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Alpaca Baby Blankets

Shop our selection of all-natural, un-dyed, handwoven alpaca nursery and receiving blankets. Durable enough to last a lifetime, soft enough to comfort baby. Keep reading...

Only the Best, Baby-Soft Natural Material

Alpaca is the ideal material for a baby's soft and sensitive skin thanks to its hypoallergenic, all-natural wool. Alpaca fiber is flexible and naturally elastic, not scratchy and abrasive like some sheep's wool can be.

Our nursery and receiving blankets are designed with a baby's needs in mind. Handwoven from 100% pure, un-dyed baby alpaca wool, they are bleach-free, flame retardant, and all-natural. We consider details such as hand-finished crochet stitching that adds lovely detail while also preventing blanket edges from pulling or snagging.

Baby Blankets Designed to Last a Lifetime

Alpaca blankets are long-lasting and durable; however, our baby blankets are designed to last a lifetime. These receiving blankets become cherished family heirlooms passed down through the generations. What starts out as mom's favorite nursery blanket becomes a toddler's special security blanky and the kiddo's cozy bed blanket.

Easy to Clean and Care For

Years of use only make our baby blankets softer the more the alpaca wool is used, and since they do not absorb dander, they stay cleaner longer. When our baby blankets do need to be washed, worry not – simply machine wash delicate and lay flat to dry out of direct sunlight to protect from sun fading.