History of Alpaca

In this series, we highlight the growth of the alpaca fashion industry throughout Europe & America. In three easy-to-read chapters, you can learn the history of alpaca throughout two centuries. We hope you enjoy!

Chapter One: Alpaca Fashion in Europe

The emergence of alpaca began as coffee trade blossomed in Europe & South America, generating a popular fashion style & industry that swept the continent. In our first History of Alpaca series, entitled "Alpaca Fashion in Europe", we summarize the early establishment and growth of the alpaca industry in the European region & how their love affair with the product led to it's eventual migration to the Americas.

Chapter Two: Alpaca Fashion in 19th Century America

The 19th century brought many changes to America, including the introduction of the popular & highly coveted alpaca fashion." Alpaca Fashion in 19th Century America" highlights the popularity of alpaca from New England to California, as well as its eventual decline as a result of the Great Depression & those dreaded taxes! But not to worry, read the next section in our History of Alpaca series to learn how alpaca made a comeback.

Chapter Three: Alpaca Fashion in 20th Century America

During the 20th century, alpaca made quite the comeback in America, becoming the fashion of golfers, popular comedians, and movie stars. In our last History of Alpaca series, "Alpaca Fashion in 20th Century America", we highlight the booming growth of the alpaca industry in modern America.