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Women's Alpaca Accessories

Alpaca scarves, alpaca hats and alpaca gloves, warm and soft, excellent for gifts. Luxury alpaca for women. Keep reading...

Women's Alpaca Accessories

Once you feel the luxurious softness and comfort of one of our much-loved Sun Valley Alpaca Co. accessory items, you may find yourself reaching for your favorites again and again. Why? Because there’s nothing quite as cozy, warm, and satisfying as the feel of alpaca fur hats, scarves, and gloves. We made it our mission to provide you with the very best and that’s exactly what you find here in this collection. Whether you’re searching for a nice-looking scarf to go with one of our sweaters or seeking accessories to wear with your favorite jackets and coats, we’ve got plenty of wonderful alpaca choices for you. Also, everything you see here makes a great gift for the holidays or any special event year-round. Happy shopping!

A Scarf for Every Mood

Our alpaca scarfs are so luxuriously warm and cozy, you may want to own several so that you can wear your favorites whenever the mood strikes. There can be that one scarf you enjoy wearing to work each day. Another style may be perfect for special occasions. And you may even decide to wear one all day indoors because it looks great with your outfit. It’s nice to have so many great fashion choices, and we’re proud to offer such a wide selection.

Texting-Friendly Gloves

Are you tired of having to remove your gloves (or go without gloves) anytime you want to send a text? We know how frustrating that can be, which is why we’re doing something about it with our line of alpaca texting gloves. These fingerless gloves continue keeping your hands warm while allowing you the freedom to text as much as you desire. Texting gloves are unisex, one-size fits most and they come in colors that coordinate with jackets, coats, scarves, and hats.

Hats and Other Items

Any of our Sun Valley Alpaca hats can be worn as a complement to our scarves, and you can easily create your own matching sets or check out our coordinated matching sets. We also carry items such as shawls, fur bags, fur boots, and more.

Women's Accessories

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