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Women's Alpaca Gloves & Mittens

Looking for the best quality alpaca mittens? Sun Valley Alpaca Co. has those, alpaca convertible mittens for texting and much more. Keep reading...

Alpaca Mittens & Gloves

Are you tired of wearing gloves and mittens that look warm but don’t offer the protection from the cold you need when it really counts? We know how you feel, which is why we created this awesome collection of alpaca gloves and mittens. Alpaca fur gives you the kind of superior quality of warmth you’ve always desired, and it’s also ultra-comfortable, another big plus. Because we wanted to go above and beyond the ordinary, we created a collection of beautiful items that are also quite practical for everyday wear. Depending on your preference, you can wear our classic alpaca mittens for men and women, or you can indulge in our selection of texting and touchscreen glove styles.

Classic Gloves and Mittens

Many people first hear about our wonderfully warm Sun Valley Alpaca Co. gloves and mittens from others who rave about them. And some folks find us after searching around. However you found us, we’re happy you’re here to browse our collection of classic styles. Most are made of pure alpaca wool, also known as baby alpaca, and they are hand-knitted to provide you with excellent lightweight comfort. Our reversible mittens feature two coordinating colors, giving you two ways to wear them with outfits. Alpaca gloves are quite durable and tend to last for many years, so they make excellent accessories and gifts.

Texting Mittens and Convertible Gloves

Keep your hands warm and cozy while texting family and friends with our stylish fingerless texting mittens. Our accessories are made with use in mind, as our texting mittens feature open fingers for easier texting on the go. Find the style that’s right for you and enjoy a new sense of freedom. Alternatively, you can choose any of our alpaca convertible mittens for easier texting. Some convertibles feature pop-off mitten tops that temporarily expose fingers. Another popular style includes a matching pair of fingerless gloves and regular gloves.

Touchscreen Gloves

Let’s say that you want to wear gloves while making a phone call or browsing the screen of your digital device. Our touchscreen gloves are the perfect solution for this scenario. Glove fingertips made of conductive thread help improve screen responsiveness while keeping fingers snug and warm inside your alpaca gloves.

Gloves & Mittens

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