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Alpaca Blankets & Throws

We have the widest collection of premium quality alpaca wool blankets anywhere. Our Alpaca Home blankets and throws combine the very best blanket construction techniques with top-grade alpaca wool fiber, providing you with a warm yet breathable blanket that will last a lifetime. Keep reading...

Top Rated Alpaca Wool Blankets

More of our blankets are rated five stars by customers who have purchased them than any other line of alpaca wool blankets. We are very proud that years after purchasing one of our blankets, they are still loved and used regularly.

The Widest Collection of Alpaca Wool Blankets

Sun Valley Alpaca Co. offers the widest selection of alpaca wool blankets available anywhere. From solid colors to patterned designs, our all-natural and safe color dye blankets have a timeless style that never goes out of season.

Warm Blankets with Less Bulk

Alpaca wool does not need bulk or additional material to provide warmth since it is a naturally insulative fiber. The alpaca fiber absorbs warm air maintaining a cozy warmth from a much thinner layer of material. Often people are shocked that alpaca wool blankets are so warm given their thickness. This makes alpaca the perfect material for specialty blankets like safe baby nursery throws and receiving blankets.

Throw Blankets

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