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Alpaca Stuffed Animals

Are you looking for a unique, cuddly gift, or would you like a soft, plush friend to snuggle with? Our incredibly soft alpaca plush animals are adorable and handcrafted from 100% pure, hypoallergenic baby alpaca fur. Surprise a child with a one-of-a-kind alpaca teddy bear, bunny, panda bear, llama or, of course, an alpaca! These are unique gifts that will be cuddled and treasured for years. Keep reading...

Alpaca Stuffed Animals & Teddy Bears

If you're searching for collectible bears for a plush bear enthusiast, look no further. These handmade plush bears and other animals are skillfully crafted by Peruvian artists at Fair Trade facilities. Whether it's a panda alpaca bear, teddy bear, bunny, llama or alpaca, these sweet animals have a lot of personality. Our NEWEST additions of Zoo stuffed animals and mythical Alpaca-corns; similar to a Unicorn, as well as Alpacasaurus's a whole new type of dinosaur, brings to life these must have creatures while adding a whole new level of cuddly softness!

Choose Your Cuddly Companion

We have several different styles and sizes of alpaca fur stuffed bears and alpaca friends, and no two are alike. They're all lovable, incredibly soft and very cuddly. We have large and small teddy bears for sale in various sizes, plush panda bears, baby bunnies, floppy-eared bunny rabbits, sitting llamas, different sizes of alpacas for all ages and a life-sized alpaca figures. We even have a super-soft large fluff ball that you can add to a keychain or purse.

Alpaca Plush Animals - Perfect for Allergies and Skin Sensitivities

Are you or a loved one allergic to wool? Looking for stuffed animals for kids with allergies? You won't be allergic to our alpaca furry friends. Alpaca wool is completely hypoallergenic, as it does not contain lanolin and won't hold onto dust or dander. In addition, these fur animal figures are stuffed with white polypropylene, a hypoallergenic plush filling. 

Sustainably Handcrafted by Peruvian Artisans 

No alpaca is ever harmed to obtain their fur. These teddy bears and their pals are as kind and lovable as they are super-soft and cuddly! Alpacas are domestically raised, and they must be sheared for the health of the animal (since they don't shed). These premium plush alpaca fur animals are expertly crafted by Peruvian artists in Fair Trade facilities, and each individual face is sewn by hand. Proceeds go to the indigenous people who tend to alpacas improving their environment, while protecting their ancestral homes and way of life.

Other Features of Our Unique Alpaca Plush Animals

The alpaca fur animal figures are built on a wire frame, some with needle felting techniques, and then finished with seed pearl eyes and hand stitching. Needle felted alpacas include a hanging loop so that they can be hung from a tree, wreath or above a baby's crib. The stuffed animals are available in natural, dye-free colors, making them especially safe for children. The natural thermal properties of the alpaca fur enable them to absorb body heat, making them very cozy and lifelike. Each animal is unique with its own appearance, color and fur structure. These plush alpaca fur animals are of heirloom quality - the perfect gift to pass from generation to generation.

Stuffed Animals

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