ERLŪM Alpaca

timeless classics with a modern edge
ERLŪM Alpaca is a California based knitwear brand that specializes in handcrafted alpaca knits. Launched in the Fall 2016, ERLŪM Alpaca is focused on the concepts of timeless style, expert craftsmanship and a commitment to respect people, animals and the environment. This ultra-luxe label has a level of refinement that only comes with experience- ERLUM is the culmination of over two decades spent working with alpacas and designing alpaca knitwear.The name ERLŪM (pronounced heir-loom) represents the principle of heirloom quality clothing that is made to last. ERLŪM Alpaca creates garments that outlast trends and stand the test of time, creating heirlooms, the antithesis of the fast fashion industry. Our design team takes inspiration from classic icons whose style still feels modern today.When you purchase an ERLŪM Alpaca garment, you are investing in the highest level of quality and craftsmanship. All products are ethically handmade in Peru, one at a time, by knitters whose families have worked with alpaca for generations, and are known to us by name. These garments carry a life within them, each one having been touched at one time by the hands of alpaca farmers, fiber processors, knitters and finally the ERLŪM Alpaca customer.

why alpaca?
When it comes to softness, alpaca is on par with cashmere, and more rare. For every three tons of cashmere harvested, only one ton of alpaca is gathered. Compared to wool, alpaca is warmer, stronger, and more insulating.Alpaca fiber produces lightweight yet warm, long-lasting, hypoallergenic, luxuriously soft clothing. It is a green textile, naturally organic and highly sustainable. Alpacas and their wool, are both extremely gentle on the environment. Their fleece is shorn annually - a must for the alpacas, and comes in 28 beautiful, lustrous, un-dyed natural shades.When someone experiences alpaca for the first time, they generally feel like they have found something unique and special and with ERLŪM Alpaca, they most certainly have.