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Baby & Toddler Alpaca Items

Why are our alpaca socks perfect for babies and toddlers? It's because of the natural properties of alpaca wool, our proprietary blend of materials and special design for small, active feet. Alpaca socks provide effective thermal insulation while at the same time being breathable. Since alpaca wool does not contain lanolin or dander, they're also hypoallergenic. And because alpaca is naturally moisture wicking, these socks will prevent sweating, blisters and odors.

Baby & Toddler Alpaca Items

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Baby Alpaca Socks - for Baby Humans!

For babies, we have baby alpaca socks that are incredibly soft, even more than our regular alpaca socks, with the perfect amount of nylon and acrylic for optimal self-regulating of body temperature. These socks will ensure that your infant's feet are never too hot or too cold. Our cozy socks are extremely comfortable and breathable, and they're designed with gently expanding ribbing to help keep the socks on. The soft, luxurious comfort will help keep these socks on as well!

Our baby alpaca socks are free of sheep's wool, hypoallergenic and crafted from naturally colored yarn that is free of dye and bleach. Our alpaca baby socks are also available as ankle socks.

Alpaca Socks for Toddlers

The average toddler gets into all kinds of things, so you need a sock that can keep up with them. Our toddler alpaca socks can do that and more. Alpaca wool is a very strong material in addition to being soft and cozy. The ribbed upper portion is gentle for young legs while keeping socks from sliding down. Like all our alpaca socks, they're naturally hypoallergenic and provide exceptional thermal insulation. The higher ribbed models can also be folded down if desired.