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Children's Alpaca

Children and alpaca wool are a wonderful combination. We have the highest quality alpaca wool items such as children's alpaca socks, alpaca baby blankets and alpaca sweaters for babies and kids. Our alpaca wool kid's clothes are incredibly soft and warm in addition to being lightweight, water-repellant, moisture wicking and hypoallergenic. Alpaca wool resists staining, is flame resistant and breathable to keep young ones comfortable and healthy.

Children's Alpaca

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The Many Benefits of Alpaca Wool

All-natural alpaca fiber has many attractive features that make it ideal for children's clothing and baby blankets. Alpaca wool provides exceptional thermal insulation and temperature regulation. Unlike sheep's wool or cashmere, it doesn't absorb moisture and won't hold onto odors. It's more comfortable than wool against young, sensitive skin with no itchiness and doesn't collect static electricity. Alpaca is stronger than sheep's wool and warmer while being lightweight thanks to its hollow fibers. Because it doesn't have dander or lanolin, alpaca wool is naturally hypoallergenic. Alpaca wool clothing also stays warm even when it's wet.

Alpaca Socks for Infants and Children

You'll find comfortable, soft alpaca children's socks and alpaca baby socks that are specially designed for young feet on the move. These alpaca socks are made with dye-free naturally colored yarn. We have baby anklet socks, non-skid toddler socks, durable reinforced crew socks and more. Our proprietary blend of materials is made for optimal performance, comfort and easy care.

Alpaca Sweaters for Babies and Kids

Our kid's alpaca sweaters include stylish cable knitted sweaters and infant alpaca cardigan sets with a matching hat. These children's sweaters are designed with the same care and expertise as our adult sweaters, and their soft, durable and hypoallergenic properties make them especially well-suited for active babies and kids.

Alpaca Baby Blankets

What would be more comfortable than an alpaca wool baby blanket? We can't think of anything! Our warm and wonderful alpaca baby blanket and lap throw is lightweight yet cozy with attractive stitching. This makes the perfect gift for an expectant mother or anyone who would enjoy a light, warm blanket to toss on their lap or around their shoulders. Alpaca wool is the perfect material for a baby blanket, as it's all-natural, soft, flame retardant, hypoallergenic and washable. These alpaca baby blankets are also free of dyes, eco-friendly, and they're handcrafted in Peru.