Alpaca Blanket & Throw Buyer’s Guide

Alpaca Blanket & Throw Buyer’s Guide

Posted by Kim DeVos-Brooks on 5th Nov 2019

Everyone likes to feel safe and comforted. Being wrapped in a cozy blanket is often one of our earliest childhood memories. You can get — and give — that warm feeling every day with blankets and throws made from super-soft, durable, all natural alpaca (plus other perks of alpaca).

Did you know? 


Alpaca wool is a natural wonder, sought after for its delicate texture and unparalleled performance. Throws and Blankets made from pure Alpaca Wool are lavishly soft and highly breathable, creating the perfect cozy environment.

Neutral colors are the result of the 22 naturally occurring hues of alpaca — without the use of chemical dyes - pure and natural. However alpaca dyes magnificently, creating rich saturated colors to enhance your space.

Our throws are made only from 100% Baby Alpaca Wool, which comes in two grades Premium, also called Royal is the softest, of which only 2% of all alpaca harvested qualify as, and Standard Baby Alpaca. All baby alpaca fiber is exceptionally warm and close in fineness to cashmere, yet far more sustainable. 'Baby' refers to the finest, softest hairs rather than the age of the animal. Finished with hand twisted fringe, or for a more modern look, micro-fringe; both of which adds to the curl-up-and-relax invitation each throw offers.

Alpaca is warmer and stronger than sheep's wool, while being softer and far less irritating. Lanolin free, Alpaca is naturally hypoallergenic and safe for even wool allergy sufferers. As one of the worlds strongest natural fibers, alpaca performs with everyday use and will last for years.

Using alpaca fiber promotes sustainable agriculture in the Andes region, supporting small farms and the indigenous peoples of Peru and each of our throws and blankets are manufactured under Fair Trade guidelines. We go one step farther and have each product certified as to its purity by the International Alpaca Association in order to circumvent counterfeit alpaca products and provide assurance to our customers.

Alpaca wool has been used for textiles beginning with the Incan Empire in the 11th century. The Incas placed a higher value on alpaca fiber than on silver or gold, considering it sacred. The mummy, Lady of Ampato was found wrapped in an alpaca blanket dating more than 900 years old.

Whether it’s a gift for a loved one with allergies, an heirloom piece for newlyweds or a luxurious welcome for a newborn, a duvet, quilt or throw blanket from Alpaca Home is the epitome of luxury and thoughtfulness.

Here’s our handy Buyer’s Guide for Alpaca Blankets and Throws to help you choose the perfect touch of softness for yourself or a loved one.

Cradle Baby in Comfort

A newborn baby is a wonderful gift. Show the new parents in your life how special you think their bundle of joy is with the gift of an heirloom quality crib blanket made from 100% pure un-dyed baby alpaca. The natural colors of un-dyed baby alpaca are gender neutral, and this hand-woven crib blanket is hypoallergenic, bleach free and flame retardant. Baby alpaca is named such because it’s incredibly soft, not due to the age of the animal. This makes an alpaca crib blanket or a baby blanket the perfect cozy texture to help any newborn feel loved. And because alpaca wool is so durable, this crib blanket will cradle generations of family in cozy comfort.

Get Healthier Sleep

If you’re looking for a better, healthier night’s sleep, an alpaca duvet makes a great alternative to a down comforter. The filling of 100% pure alpaca repels bed bugs and other pests and is entirely free of dander, dust, wool, lanolin, chemicals, dyes and pesticides. You’ll find dreamy nights of rest under this lightweight and breathable duvet that helps regulate sleeping temperature, reduce nasal congestion and even help with night sweats.

The 100% pure Peruvian cotton cover is carefully quilted to keep the filling from shifting around. Choose an all-season weight for maximum versatility, especially in air conditioning, or go for winter or polar weight if you’re gifting it to someone who can never be warm enough. Whichever weight you select, you can expect this durable duvet to encourage sweet dreams for years to come.

Honor Handmade Heirlooms

For the newlyweds or long-time married couple in your life, nothing shows how much you honor their commitment like an alpaca bed blanket. Made with the perfect blend of alpaca wool, this blanket will last for a lifetime and be easy to care for. Sized to fit twin, queen, king and even cal-king size beds, and finished with crochet edge -noting says special like a hand-crafted gift. This heirloom-quality handmade alpaca blanket makes a thoughtful and memorable wedding or anniversary gift.

Add texture and color to your décor

Equally versatile and infinitely convenient is an alpaca throw blanket in a traditional plaid, a midcentury solid, or an elegant Greek key design. Toss one in the car for spontaneous star-gazing and keep one near the sofa for movie-night snuggling, family game night, or on the porch to ward off chilly breezes.It makes a wonderful travel blanket for any globetrotting traveler. You won’t believe that this thin blanket can be so cozy warm – until you wrap up in it and let the magic of alpaca envelop you.The unique thermal properties and almost weightless texture are unparalleled. The breathable nature of alpaca removes humidly from around the body, keeping you at your optimal temperature, without overheating. Durable and long lasting, these throws won’t pill and they soften further over time, creating a buttery soft texture.

Accessorize with Alpaca

Whether you’re looking to add an extra bit of cozy comfort to your home’s décor or you’re searching for the perfect way to show a loved one you care, home accessories made from alpaca wool add a soft touch to everyday moments. A fuzzy alpaca fur throw pillow cover makes an inviting statement in a neutral den, a rugged mancave or a luxurious living room. Looking for something special for a child’s room.No child’s room is complete without an alpaca teddy bear, a warm cuddly friend fit for any child or just someone young at heart.In a natural un-dyed shade of tan or ecru — or over-dyed in deep, true black — the sumptuous texture of alpaca fur complements any interior design.