Alpaca Duvet Insert- Hypoallergenic & Organic Comforter / Down Alternative

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DUVET COVERS -, WARMTH FACTOR -, Lightweight (All-Season) ~, Mid-weight ~, Heavy Weight (Polar)~, The thermal resistance of our product has been measured in accordance with the single plate method of ISO 5085-1: 1989 (BS4745:1990) Determination of thermal resistance of textiles., CARE INSTRUCTIONS:,


Please select a duvet cover to fit the largest of size range selected. Duvet includes corner loops for ties.
FILL (g/sq. m2)
Lightweight (All-Season) ~:
100% Alpaca 300grams per meter squared
Mid-weight ~:
100% Alpaca 400grams per meter squared
Heavy Weight (Polar)~:
100% Alpaca 500grams per meter squared
The thermal resistance of our product has been measured in accordance with the single plate method of ISO 5085-1: 1989 (BS4745:1990) Determination of thermal resistance of textiles.:
Always use duvet cover which can be laundered. Occasionally place your Alpaca Duvet outside in sunlight to sanitize. Fresh air and direct sun will restore freshness. Do not wash. Do not Dry Clean. Spot clean only when necessary.



Alpaca is the most thermo regulating fiber on the planet. There is no other material that provides a more balanced temperature for sleeping than alpaca wool. Because of its thermally dynamic and breathable fiber, Alpaca has 0 competition.

By encasing our superfine alpaca in all-natural 100% GOTS certified organic cotton percale which is has 0 dyes, 0 bleach, and 0 chemicals, you are assured of 0 barriers between you and a great night’s sleep.

0 shifting, 0 bunching, and 0 flipping, 0 dander, 0 allergens! 

By using organic, natural, and renewable materials, our Alpaca Home Duvet Inserts are handcrafted with 100% sustainability, and unparalleled luxury.

The marriage of these to premium materials creates the most luxurious, most breathable and most functional duvets - second to none.

Get a better, healthier nights sleep with the addition of an Alpaca Duvet. This down alternative comforter makes every night a dream! 

  • 1 Organic Cotton Duvet Insert filled with Responsibly-Sourced Peruvian Alpaca + Exclusive Zippered Linen Storage Tote
  • 100% Pure Alpaca wool (super fine / USA) filling & 100% GOTS Organic Certified Cotton percale cover (Germany).
  • Hypoallergenic & Antifungal - free from wool, lanolin, dust, dander, bleach, dye, harsh chemicals and pesticides - sustainable and eco friendly. 
  • Premium construction and quilting techniques with duvet cover ties in each corner stops shifting, reducing the need to continually redistribute fill.
  • NO bunching or compacted areas of filling as found with down comforters (0 feathers in your bedroom!).
  • A healthier night sleep free from dust & dander, repels bed bugs and other pests (0 chemical additives!), offers reduced nasal congestion and minimizes or eliminates night sweats, while providing a balanced warmth night after night. 
  • Twin, Full/Double/Queen & King/Cal King Sizes in stock. Please see measures below.
  • Exceptionally thermal yet breathable, choose from our exclusive 3 warmth levelsPlease see below for warmth levels.
  • The perfect alternative to down – cruelty free alpaca fleece from happy alpacas, alpacas are gentle on the planet, manufacturing is gentle on the environment. 
  • Ships in its own breathable and plastic-free reusable bag. 
  • Color as shown - Unbleached Ecru; soft off-white.
  • Certifications: OEKO-TEX®, Fair Trade USA, GOTS
  • Easy to Maintain & literally, a Breeze to Clean! Please click on SPECIFICATIONS TAB for specifics.

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Our Duvet's are the culmination of more than 3/4 of a century working with alpaca wool, understanding it's benefits and how the body reacts to its thermal properties. Each measure of warmth has been developed with the highest level of technology and crafted with the finest materials - 100% Pure Alpaca wool and now 100% GOTS Organic Certified Cotton percale cover. Our comforters will provide years of lasting comfort without the loss or irritation of feathers, and compacted down - free from dust and dander. Additionally, our premium construction and quilting techniques stops shifting, reducing the need to continually flip and redistribute the fill. Instead you will have a balanced warmth night after night, year after year.

mattress duvet size comparison

Each duvet contains only 100% Alpaca fleece, a natural, silky and uber-thermal fiber with unique hypoallergenic, flame resistant and moisture wicking properties. (Don't be confused by fiber quality. Because the fibers are incased resulting in no contact with the fiber itself, the differences between Superfine and Baby Alpaca - which are fineness grades of the fiber's diameter in microns and doesn't impact the beneficial warmth and wicking properties. More Info) These features create a comforter that not only is cozy but also reduces nasal congestion. Because of its natural wicking it can aid in reducing or eliminating night sweats*. To top it off alpaca repels bed bugs and other pests such as fleas, proving you the most natural, safest and luxurious comforter.

Warmth won't be an issue! The thermal properties of our Alpaca duvets, which is an alternative to down comforters, is provided by the built in microscopic air pockets alpaca contains deep within each moisture-resistant strand. (Alpaca is Hydromorphic and does not absorb water) Free from any sheep's wool, which holds moisture as well as dander and lanolin; which are the main culprits of allergic reactions. Cleaned with only soap and water (no need for harsh chemical scouring) alpaca is gentle on the body, on the environment and the alpacas themselves - shearing is a process of annual healthy herd maintenance. Referred to as the "gold of the Andes" alpaca is more rare than cashmere, while being far more durable, sustainable, eco friendly and natural - truly something special. 

Completely encasing the alpaca,  an extra fine premium sateen GOTS Certified Organic woven cotton fabric containing more than 588 threads per inch and crafted from soft, un-dyed cotton, free of bleach, dyes, and pesticides. Choosing the proper fineness is important if you are purchasing a garment or accessory, as these touch the skin. When sleeping on alpaca, a medium grade is desirable to reduce competing or felting which can occur with the finest grades.We utilize the warmest superfine alpaca instead of baby or royal baby alpaca which can ball up or felt, and combine it with nothing. No sheep's wool, no acrylic, zip - zilch-nada - Just pure natural 100% alpaca fleece. 

Finished beautifully, each offers an heirloom quality not often found in products today. We recommend using a comforter cover which will greatly reduce the maintenance of your alpaca duvet. Corner loops are included on each duvet.

Made in free trade facilities in Peru to our US specifications.

Now simply choose the warmth factor and size that works best for you...

If you sleep warm, cool or somewhere in between, it no longer matters because our inserts let you decide what temperature you want to sleep within! 

  • Lightweight (All-Season): If you're a hot sleeper, constantly stripping off the covers and sweating in the night, then we recommend the Lightweight. Similarly this works perfect for those in more temperate climate zones and is perfect for 12 month use. This is also a great option for hot climates or to swap into the peak summer-months. Grams per Square Meter (g/m2) 300. (Compares to 2,800 GSM)
  • Mid-Weight: If you're a sleeper who is cold at night and doesn't have an issue waking up hot, who likes the coziness of a fluffy blanket and/or sleeping with something of a heavier weight (not as heavy as a weighted blanket) then we recommend this weight. Perfect for colder climates. Grams per Square Meter (g/m2) 400. (Compares to 3,700 GSM)
  • Heavy Weight (Polar): If you’re a sleeper who likes it toasty warm with a heavier weight comforter that is dense and fluffy, this is the one for you. This is a great option for downright cold climates or if you live in an area with sub-zero winters. Warning - you may never want to get out of bed again. Grams per Square Meter (g/m2) 500. (Compares to 4,600 GSM)

Need a solution for two different people with different sleeping needs? Check out our exclusive adjustable couples Alpaca Duvets. Click here!

*Night sweats caused from bed &/or bedding may be amended. NOTE Menopause may not be aided as this is an internal heat generating sweat and not an external or climatic cause.

All our products are certified by the International Alpaca Association (IAA) for authenticity and content. This product is certified authentic by the IAA to protect consumers from counterfeits in the marketplace. Look for the IAA tag on alpaca goods you purchase from any retailer.