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Alpaca Duvet & Bed Blankets

Our premium alpaca duvets are the culmination of almost a century of working with alpaca wool and understanding how the benefits of alpaca fiber react to our body's thermal properties. Each measure of warmth has been developed with the highest level of technology and crafted with the finest materials - 100% pure alpaca wool and 100% pure Pima cotton. Keep reading...

Long-Lasting Duvet Construction

High-quality, strong construction and quilting techniques reduce the need to fluff or flip duvets to regain comfort. Our alpaca comforters will provide years of daily comfort without losing fill material or shifting/compacted down bunching.

Each alpaca duvet insert contains only 100% alpaca, a natural silky and thermal fiber with unique hypoallergenic, flame resistant, and moisture-wicking properties. These duvets do not absorb sweat or dander like traditional goose-down fill. Alpaca repels bed bugs and other indoor pests like fleas so that you can sleep comfortably and soundly through the night.