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Responding to Coronavirus

Responding to Coronavirus

Posted by Kim DeVos-Brooks on 14th Apr 2020

We’re very grateful to be one of the lucky companies to (so far) not come into any COVID-19 contact. The fact that all of our employees are healthy is a comfort during this crisis. We hope to provide you with a bit of that comfort as well. It is with this in mind that I wanted to reach out to you personally.

It is rather ironic that during this period of isolation and social distancing, I happened to receive my DNA ancestry report back. Unfortunately, there won’t be any traveling to my newly discovered Norwegian homeland for a little while; however and interestingly enough, I came across the word and concept of “HYGGE.” As some of you may already be aware, it is a Norwegian word meaning “mood of coziness and comfortable conviviality with feelings of wellness and contentment”; I think this is what we all are looking for, regardless of our genealogy. To find a mood or sense of coziness and comfort right now.

This happens to be a feature of alpaca and, in our opinion, one of the central reasons people seek out our alpaca socks, blankets, sweaters, and bears.

Thanks in large part to you (our customers), we’ve been able to keep our staff safely employed without a cut to their hours or wages. Your support means everything to a small business like ours, and it is with gratitude that we say a huge thank you!

Our distribution center is able to remain both safe and operational, enabling us to continue to fulfill online orders timely, with little to no delays.

We are a small, private, women-owned, and operated business. Our staff is comprised of mostly moms, (and some men) - all of whom have families to support. For us, this is more than a job. We are a family, and we take pride in creating a safe place and secure positions for our staff, enabling them to meet their needs and support their spouses and children.

Celebrating moments that matter and bringing comfort and joy to ourselves and the people we care about is more important than ever. We are using our extra time at home making memories and trying new things.

Here is a quick sampling of suggestions our staff has shared. We thought you might find some “hygge” here along with us.

We are focusing on the Good News...

If you haven’t been watching John Krasinski and SGN “Some Good News” give it a try! We love the show and are inspired by the uplifting and heartfelt ways people are making a difference, together while social distancing and keeping others safe. Check it out on YouTube or Facebook.

Learn a new skill...

Have you ever wanted to learn how to knit or crochet? How about painting? Writing? Drawing? The list is endless, and now you can find online courses by simply checking out YouTube or one of the other subscription services, many of which are offering free classes online right now. We like and

Get active…

There are some fantastic videos that can provide us with ways to be active regardless of our age or skill level (my skill level is 0!). If you’re like me, I often get sidelined by lack of time or feeling out of my element. There are many options available for free for the beginner from Yoga to Tai Chi, Pilates, and more with no needed equipment.

Research your family tree...

Call relatives and/or do a DNA test and dig in! Find out where your roots go. You may want to even document your family tree and make something for those older family members or a coming baby. They will surely treasure it long after COVID-19 is behind us. Best of all, we’re still able to have amazing conversations now, while there’s time.

Together we can do great things and get through this.

With warmth and affection,
Kim and the entire staff of Sun Valley Alpaca Co.