It's Not Just Business, It's Personal!

It's Not Just Business, It's Personal!

Posted by Kim Brooks on 10th Oct 2022

When you shop with our small businesses it's not just business, it's personal. We at Sun Valley Alpaca Co.* are not a large corporation, rather we are a group of people who work and strive for excellence together, and YES! It is very personal!

Our participation with the American Cancer Society started long before the creation of our company. Back in the 80's I had a cancer scare while pregnant with my son. When I first landed on my farm I found that working with animals was fulfilling in many ways. However it was not a good way to keep up my people skills, so therefore I volunteered at the American Cancer Society and worked in fundraising for my local chapter. I have continued to work with the American Cancer Society throughout my career to raise not only funds for treatment but to promote the fact that early detection leads to treatment providing better odds at beating cancer, now - and even better an opportunity of eradicating it once and for all.

So, how does this relate to our Toasty Toes Ultimate Alpaca Socks by Warrior Alpaca Socks*?

A dear friend of mine purchased several of these as gifts for friends who were going through chemo. She was a breast cancer survivor herself and said that they were wonderful comforting and warm for both during chemo treatments and after. It clicked and I thought "why hadn't I thought of this??" we knew we had to promote these especially for those in treatment. October just made sense and although this month is Breast Cancer Awareness, it raises awareness of Cancers and hope for all sufferers. 

While there are a wide variety of side-effects resulting from chemotherapy, perhaps the most known is a bone chilling cold, known as cold dysesthesia. This is a side-effect that causes a serious cold sensitivity, not just during cancer treatment, but often though the entire treatment process and even for a while after. It is thought that this is something that cancer cells might possibly induce in order to promote their own survival. The best way to combat this is by dressing in warm layers, and cozy socks. 

Alpaca is more thermal than any other natural fiber and accessories such as alpaca gloves, hats, scarves and socks offer the best thermo-regulation combined with moisture wicking, warming the body warm and aiding in relaxation thus providing comfort. 

Alpaca is three times more insulating than sheep's wool, yet far softer. Naturally Hypoallergenic it is safe for everyone to wear.

Our best selling alpaca socks have no itch and a dense pile that pampers feet, these comforting socks provide patients with warmth that other socks just can’t provide. Our goal during October is to afford those suffering with any malady, Ultimate Alpaca socks that help during a stressful and uncertain time. Comfort comes in many forms - sometimes in a pair of socks. 

Throughout the year, and in especially in October - the most prominent time of the year for creating awareness around cancer, we at WARRIOR stand with those battling this disease and together we can overcome it. We are Warriors! 

It's not just business to us, it's personal! This illness has touch our lives. We have lost family members, and have friends suffering at this moment. How do we help? If you are like me, often I feel so powerless. I believe that it's a bunch of little things that add up to success.

Recently, a nurse friend just went to visit a patent getting chemo and facing surgery, and took her a gift. The lady was expecting Warrior'sToasty toes Ultimate Alpaca Socks and the gift giver felt so bad, because that was not what the gift was. The next day she came back with our toasty toes socks and had the attending nurse put them on her feet while she was in recovery. Her friend called the next day saying how wonderful they were, soft and comforting, and how wonderful she felt upon waking with a warmth that was felt all over, and feeling herd, seen and loved during a stressful and uncertain time. Comfort comes in many forms - sometimes in a pair of socks.

Oh, and one more thing, ALL proceeds go to American Cancer Society. The ONLY expense we pay from the sale of these is the cost of making the socks. We take NO overhead, NO percentage for labeling, handling, shipping - Nothing. It all goes to AMC. 

Please remember October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Since 1985, the year before I was treated, the aim has been and continues to be to increase early detection of Breast Cancer by scheduling mammograms. This October, we want to encourage people to talk, help and support those with all types of cancer. Never forget, Warriors show up!

*Warrior Alpaca Socks and Sun Valley Alpaca Co. are both part of the parent company Inca Brands, Inc. A women-owned US company.