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Alpaca Teddy Bears Are Here for You During Coronavirus, and They’re Not Just for Kids!

Alpaca Teddy Bears Are Here for You During Coronavirus, and They’re Not Just for Kids!

Posted by Kim DeVos-Brooks on 22nd Apr 2020

While most articles I have been reading these past couple of months cut straight to the chase on flattening the curve on Coronavirus, my interest peaked seeing an article on how Teddy Bears Are Here For Your Kids During Coronavirus. Use Them.While reading, it reminded of a joint venture I was blessed to partake in a few years ago with Citizens Bank in Pittsburgh PA; donating 25 alpaca teddy bears to patients with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Assisted living facilities can be a lonely place, let alone during a pandemic. Thinking of so many of America’s finest generation being unable to see family or interact with anyone besides nursing staff is incredibly heartbreaking. I understand it is a matter of security to help stop the spread, but I can’t help but think of how scared and alone some of these folks might feel.

Research shows teddy bears stimulate memories and ease anxiety, improving communication and overall quality of life for Alzheimer's patients and their families. Doll therapy is one way Alzheimer's caregivers can ease anxiety and bring joy to loved ones with dementia. For right now, it is also a way to provide kinship when family or a familiar face are unable to visit in person.

Alpaca teddy bears make a perfect companion for anyone, especially those with sensitive skin. Naturally occurring hypoallergenic qualities allow for extreme softness without the itch. Best of all, microscopic air pockets take on body warmth to regenerate it back, creating a hugging sensation sure to bring comfort during these unpredictable and uneasy times.

Any grown adult can think back to the days when they had their favorite plush object to snuggle out of comfort, fear, or joy, and how at ease you felt having a fluffy companion by your side. It’s not just the elderly who can use a little tenderness right now. Whether snuggled up in a chair, on the couch watching tv or even sleeping in bed, alpaca teddy bears will hug you back – providing some security, soothing comfort and emotional support we can all benefit from during these uncertain times.

Whether it be a gift to say “thank you” or to send a smile “just because”, consider the gift of an Alpaca teddy bear. These sustainable and “friendly fur” bears will certainly brighten someone’s day.