Needle Felted Alpaca Figurines with Flower Crown - Handmade

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Indulge in the whimsical world of our newest Needle-felted Alpacas with flower crowns, and prepare to be spellbound by their irresistible charm and immeasurable cuteness!

Step into an enchanting realm where lovable alpaca figurines come to life, meticulously crafted by skilled artisans with boundless love and attention to every intricate detail. Crafted solely from the finest 100% alpaca artisanal yarn, these exquisite figures feature a spectrum of natural hues, while the flowers are beautifully dyed with vegetables sourced from the enchanting Altiplano region. Every piece exemplifies the impeccable artistry behind the timeless technique of needle felting.

With each purchase, you not only indulge in the sheer joy of these enchanting figurines, but also contribute to the well-being of our dedicated alpaca caretakers. The proceeds go directly towards sustaining their ancestral homes, enhancing healthcare facilities, and facilitating access to education.

Escape to the breathtaking Andes Mountains as you marvel at our alpacas, adorned with vibrant flowers, perfect for alpaca enthusiasts and those in search of exquisite handmade treasures. From little ones to discerning adults, these needle-felted alpaca figures effortlessly captivate hearts of all ages, celebrating the irresistible allure and impeccable craftsmanship they embody.

Each alpaca figurine carries its own unique personality, making it an unparalleled gift that promises to create lasting memories. Embrace the holiday spirit and make this exceptional Stocking Stuffer the centerpiece of a truly remarkable gift-giving experience.

Key Features:

  • Each 5" figure is handcrafted with love and attention to detail.
  • Versatile decoration for a unique Christmas tree, shelf, or any living space.
  • Makes a wonderful add-on for any sweater, scarf, socks, or throw blanket as a fun representation of the animals the fiber is derived from.
  • Appeals to animal lovers of every age and nature enthusiasts too, with its charm and handmade beauty.
  • Intricate craftsmanship and lifelike details spark conversation and bring smiles.
  • Handmade from all-natural alpaca yarn, any dye used is obtained organicly from locally sourced vegetables.
  • Proceeds from all our alpaca felted figures go directly to alpaca farming communities to aid in medical, dental and educational oportunities for the indginous. 
  • Made from super soft Baby Alpaca wool and certified by the International Alpaca Association.
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All Sun Valley Alpaca Co's products are certified by the International Alpaca Association (IAA) for authenticity and content and comes with an attached certification and unique tracking number. This product is certified authentic by the IAA to protect consumers from counterfeits in the marketplace. Look for the IAA tag on alpaca goods you purchase from any retailer.