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Free Shipping Offer

Free shipping is valid on orders over $99.00 that are to U.S. delivery addresses in the 48 contiguous US states only. 

Please defer to the top of each page to see your standing for achieving Free Shipping. Please note Coupon Codes and discounts will affect your Free Shipping total. Free Shipping is calculated by the offer value of each products, before ROUTE, Shipping and Tax, if applicable.

Coupons & Discounts

At times we offer discounts or coupons. Only one discount or coupon may be redeemed per shipping address. We reserve the right to decline to accept or ship orders where multiple discounts or coupons are used.

Right to Correct Errors & Refuse Service

Although we strive to be as accurate as possible, we cannot be liable for pictorial or typographical inaccuracies on our site. This includes erroneous discounts, promotions, offers and coupon codes. 

We reserve the right to correct pricing errors on our site. We also reserve the right to refuse to ship products that were erroneously priced on our site and to cancel orders which experienced a programming or technical error.

We reserve the right to limit quantities, refuse service to any person, and cancel any order placed on our site.


Help with Coupon Codes:

I can’t find where to input my Coupon or Promotional Code?

While some promotions are auto applied, other need a coupon code entered to receive the promotion. These codes help us identify what methods are best reaching customer interested in our products or repeat customers. If you have a coupon code, it will need to be manually entered. Please be aware that it is safest to enter it in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS and/or numbers as provided. If you have difficulty entering a code, please check your browser. Our system is designed to work with both Google Chrome and Apple Safari browsers best, although, other browsers may be supported as well.

When you go to your shopping cart, you will see Subtotal, Shipping, and Tax totals. Below that you will see Coupon / Gift Certificate. Enter your code in the box directly under the words and select apply. The offered discount will be applied to your cart.


Please be aware, coupon codes may affect free shipping settings as free shipping is based on your ordered merchandise total after any coupons or discounts. By looking at the top of the page, you will be notified of your FREE SHIPPING status.

After placing your order you have 30 minutes to cancel the transaction before it reaches your credit card provider. All orders are time and date stamped.


I forgot to add my discount code. What should I do?

We are unable to retroactively apply discounts once an order has been placed. If you have a discount code you forgot to use here are your options:

  1. Please contact us within 30 minutes to cancel your order. (You may contact us by selecting the CONTACT link in the footer. It is accessible from every page) All orders are time and date stamped. Orders cannot be canceled once they are being fulfilled and/or have shipped. Fulfillment starts 30 minutes after an order has been placed as this is the time it takes for the charge to clear your credit card issuer’s system. This quick processing time ensures timely delivery of your order.
  2. Place a new order for the items and input the code. In the NOTES section indicate the first order number and your desire to REFUND it, and we will do the rest! This is a wonderful solution for late nite order or those outside of our customer service window. Please be advised it may take 3-5 days for your refund to be applied to your card, even though we do it first thing the next business day. 
  3. Contact us requesting a store credit for your discount. We can apply your discount to your account for use at another time. Please be aware that this amount will not be able to be used in connection with any other promotions other than free shipping since it is a promotional discount already.  We can only apply one discount value to your account at a time. Orders, sales and promotions can not be stacked.

If we are unable to cancel your order, you will either need to place a new order with the discount code and return the original order (excluding final sale items). You can find your ordered projects in the "Ordered" tab in your My Orders page.

PLEASE NOTE: Discounts and/or promotions other than Free Shipping cannot be stacked. If you’ve already taken advantage of a discount or promotion, the system will not accept a second discount or promotion to be applied to your order.


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Holiday Shipping Deadlines

To ensure delivery by December 23rd, place your order by:

Orders must be placed by 12 pm on deadline date.
*Please be aware that neither UPS, FEDEX or USPS guarantee delivery of any type within 7 days of Christmas, and offer no refunds for service failures regardless of method or speed. Click here to read our full Holiday Shipping deadlines & details.