Lifelike Alpaca Figures - 100% Baby Alpaca Fur

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Each ALPACA FIGURE meets or exceeds all US and independent state requirements fo…


Each ALPACA FIGURE meets or exceeds all US and independent state requirements for plush figures. Hand-sewn, your plush stuffed animal will be similar in size and color to the one shown by your size and color selection. Fur length and look will vary from one to another, making each one unique. Please be gentile with your alpaca friend, as he or she is handmade and with rough play stitches can come apart. We provide 30 days to inspect your new collectable. If you find any defects, we will gladly replace your alpaca fur stuffed animal within this timeframe. These plush stuffed animals are designed to foster respect and kindness for all living things. Not recommended as a pet toy.


Discover the Magic of the Lifelike Alpaca Stuffed Animal

Introducing the Lifelike Alpaca Stuffed Animal by OriginAlpaca, a visually stunning plush toy that brings the charm of real alpacas right into your home! Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this stuffed animal perfectly mimics the look and feel of a real alpaca, making it an instant favorite among children and adults alike.

Why It's Special

  • Realistic Features: Our alpaca plush boasts unique markings and soulful eyes, creating an uncanny resemblance to real alpacas. Each piece is a masterpiece, with hand-cut fabrics, hand-sewn stitches, and a carefully finished face. Choose from Adult size (20 inches) or an alpaca baby, called a Cria size (12 inches) or select the Pair and save.
  • Expert Craftsmanship: Designed by skilled artists who live with the alpacas in their natural habitat. The purchase of OrginaAlpaca's realistic alpaca figures help support alpaca comunites high in the Altiplano of Peru.
  • Educational and Fun: This plush toy doesn't just entertain, children will learn about nature and animals while having loads of imaginiative fun with their new cuddly friend.
  • Every Age: From kids to kids at heart, these adorable lifelike alpaca figures make a wonderful shelf decoration, focal point and object-d'art for a bedroom, living room, den or office. 

Perfect Gift for All Ages

Whether you're shopping for an avid nature lover, an animal enthusiast, or a collector, these plush Lifelike Alpaca Stuffed Animals makes an unforgettable gift. Recommended for ages three and up, it meets or exceeds all U.S. and European safety standards, ensuring peace of mind for parents and grandparents.

Safe and Sustainable

Made from REAL 100% baby alpaca friendly fur, no animals are harmed in the making of our alpaca plush figures. This commitment to ethical craftsmanship ensures that each stuffed animal is as kind to the planet as it is delightful to hold.

Versatile and Easy to Care For

The Lifelike Alpaca Stuffed Animal isn't just for playtime. It looks great in dens, offices, and display cases, adding a touch of nature's beauty to any space. Plus, it naturally repels dirt, and is hypoallergenic too!

Experience the joy and wonder of our lifelike stuffed animals. Tap into our 25 years of expertise in creating high-quality, sustainable luxury products. Our Lifelike Alpaca Stuffed Animal will be cherrished for years to come.

Ready to bring home a new cuddly friend or two?

  • Handmade and securely sewn from the highest quality guilt free baby alpaca fur. Each is filled with white polypropylene, hypoallergenic soft plush filling, and is exclusively all-new material. 
  • Figures meet or exceed regulations for stuffed animals Reg. PA9174(PE). 
  • No two are EVER the same! Each has its own look, coloring, sweet face and fur structure.
  • Color is as shown in sublimely soft Fawn 100% Baby Alpaca friendly fur.
  • Alpaca is naturally allergy free and does not hold dust or dander, nor does it have lanolin; all major instigators of allergic reactions. This means this pal is safe for children who can not tolerate typical stuffed animals due to dust or dander allergies. 
  • Suggested age 3+. A parent or guardian should determine if this is suitable product is suitable for their child.

Alpaca fur is a natural byproduct of the alpaca industry. No alpacas are ever harmed to obtain their fur. Treat yourself or a special someone to one of the finest alpaca fur collectibles available only by OrginAlpaca today.

For more information on alpaca read our article "What Makes Alpaca So Special".

CARE: Due to the unique makeup of alpaca fur it will not hold dust, soil or odor. This will keep your fob looking wonderful without the need for anything more than spot cleaning. Simply wipe and allow to air dry and then brush to fluff fur.

All products are sustainably made under fair trade guidelines and are trademarks of Inca Brands, Inc. 2024Ⓒ. We guarantee our alpaca plush figures to be made from the finest materials, including sustainable alpaca fur. This product is not available for purchase to California Residence.