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Alpaca quilt batting is unlike any other type of batting material. It's far superior to sheep's wool, cotton, polyester and other types of synthetic batting. Alpaca wool is more effective at thermal regulating than wool or acrylics.

It wicks moisture away from the body, so you won't get overheated in the summer, yet it's warmer for its weight due to its hollow fiber. For allergy sufferers, alpaca batting, blankets and quilts are the smartest choices for bedding, as it's naturally hypoallergenic.

Handmade Alpaca Batting - Filled Amish Quilts

At Sun Valley Alpaca Co., you'll find clothing, blankets and bedding that features cozy, soft and warm alpaca wool and alpaca quilt batting. Among our many alpaca products, we offer homemade alpaca-filled Amish quilts that are unique, handcrafted in America's heartland by skilled Amish artisans. These extremely durable quilts with alpaca batting are warm and soft, made from the highest quality materials. They take hundreds of hours to construct, making them a one-of-a-kind heirloom item that can be proudly passed down to future generations.

Best Quilt for Allergies

If you or a loved one has difficulties with seasonal allergies or year-round allergies to dust and fungus, you'll know how important it is to keep the bedroom completely free of allergens. Alpaca does not contain any lanolin (which is what causes allergies with sheep's wool), and it will not retain dust or pet dander. Our alpaca-filled quilts are exactly the type of blankets you need for people with allergies, as the inside is hypoallergenic 100% U.S.-grown alpaca while the outside is 100% cotton. These are the types of clean and pure materials that are recommended by allergy professionals.

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